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The Primary Public & Dealers Auction Of Southern California

Online Bidding Deposit Form

A $500 Deposit is required on all purchases. Once approved, your spending limit will increase to $25,000. If you plan on spending more than $25,000 you will need to leave $1,000 deposit. All deposits are fully refundable after the auction if nothing is purchased during the sale. First time buyers are required to leave a 25% hold during the auction after exceeding $25,000

Please Follow The Steps To Complete The Application

Step 1. Document(s)
Step 2. Deposit

All deposits need are verified manually and may take a few hours to approve. If you are placing your deposit after business hours, please wait until the following business day for approval.

The credit card name and address must match the online bidding account you are registering for. If you are using someone else’s card for your deposit, the authorized user will need to write an authorization email to The email must include the authorized user letterhead.

STEP 1: Documents