Before Auction

The Primary Public & Dealers Auction Of Southern California

Before Auction

Step 1: Create an Online Bidding Account

You may skip this step if you already have an account with General Auction Company online bidding or with NextLot. Before bidding, you must create an account with Nextlot, our online bidding provider, by entering your account information. Please don’t worry; all personal information will not be shared or used only for bidding purposes.

  • Click Login / New Bidder from the top navigation
  • Click New Bidder? Click Here button
  • Enter your email to check if you already have an account
  • Enter your personal or business information, username, and password
  • Select your account options
  • Complete by clicking the “Submit Registration” button

Already have an account? Login to your account.

Step 2: Register For an Event

After you’ve created an account, you’ll need to register for each event you wish to participate. Registrations are not automatically approved and will require a $500.00 deposit before bids are accepted. Verifying your deposit takes some time, so we recommend registering and leaving your deposit one day before the sale. Since we have to match your deposit with your online bidding account, we also recommend registering for the event before adding your deposit.

  • Click Current Auctions from the top navigation
  • Find the event you want to register for
  • Click the “Register To Bid” button under the event details
  • Login to your account
  • Write a message to the auctioneer (optional)
  • Checkmark you agree to the Terms & Conditions
  • Complete by clicking the “Submit Registration” button

After completing this step, the “Register To Bid” button will turn red and display “You Are Registered”.

Step 3: Add Your Deposit

After completing your registration, you’ll receive an email with a link to add your deposit, or you can click the add your deposit link in the event description. When entering your deposit information, make sure you use the same information as your bidder account (name, email, and/or company). We will not be able to match your deposit with your online registration if the information is different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before your bids are approved, you must leave a $500 refundable deposit. Desposits are manually verified and may take some time to process. It’s recomended to leave your deposit at least one day before the sale. Add my deposit

Before the Auction
Click the “BID” button. A pop-up window will appear with the next bid increment. Click the “CONFIRM” to complete the process or to leave a maximum bid and have the system bid for you click the “+” button or type the amount you are willing to bid up to.

Day of Auction
30 minutes before the auction starts, a “Live Catalog” link will appear in the top main menu, a button in the event description, and an email with a direct link to the Live Catalog screen. This will be the page you’ll want to be in to place your bids the day of the sale. Enter Live Catalog

Refund will be processed the next business day. (Monday) if nothing was purchased. For buyers that have invoice they will be refunded when they make there payment

Buyer registers for the event, they have to leave a $500 deposit. Once they make a deposit and I see it in the (deposit history) I will approve the buyer.

It’s open to the public, buyer needs to verify vehicle are public not dealer before bidding.

Click on how to? and scroll down to step 3

Buyer will receive an invoice with winning lots when auction is over.

GAC will send out invoices of winning lots and buyer has to click on the link sent on invoice to book an appointment online.